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Are you exhausted? Are meal times stressful? Are bedtimes non-existent?

Are you struggling with challenging behaviour? Are you struggling to get your child to school or nursery? Are you losing your cool far too regularly? Is it affecting your relationship? 

Not to worry, happylittlegems is here to help restore harmony to your family home. With our no-nonsense positive approach we are here to help re-create a calm, fun and loving family environment. 

Whether it be problems with sleep, meal times, potty training, behaviour or any other childcare issues we’re here to help. Every child is a precious gem, but sometimes in the struggle of parenting we lose focus. Sometimes we need to reach out for help. This is where happylittlegems comes in. 




Before working with happylittlegems our household was extremely sleep deprived. Our five year old was getting out of bed every night and looking to get in with us. This was putting a huge strain on our relationship with busy work lives. Thanks to Gemma we now have the confidence and knowledge to understand what is happening and how best to take control. We are over the moon that our child is now getting the sleep he needs for his physical and mental development and we can recoup and recharge for the next day.

Alex, Mum of two

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