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happylittlegems Easter holiday ideas:

So the Easter holidays are here... maybe you're already tearing your hair out having to find things to amuse your little ones, or maybe you've got loads of plans and ideas. Whatever you're doing, hopefully you and your children are out enjoying the lovely, sunny weather.

happylittlegems top ten Easter holiday ideas:

1. Get your children to organise an Easter egg hunt for friends or family. They could design posters, help make some chocolate eggs or lollies, make decorations and think of some party games to play.

2. Create an "eggxercise" Easter egg hunt. Write some exercise ideas like 'hop like a bunny' on small bits of paper and hide them in plastic eggs around the garden.

3. Make Easter cards. There are loads of ideas on Pinterest, my favourite are yellow fingerprint chicks.

4. Make your own chocolate Easter eggs or bunny lollies. Melt some chocolate and put it in egg or bunny moulds. Put them in the fridge to harden.

5. Go on a bunny hunt. Take your children out to the countryside, park or local woods. Pretend you're going on a bunny hunt and see if you can spot any real bunnies.

6. Check out what's on in your local area. Most child-friendly places organise Easter activities.

7. Decorate some emptied eggs. However old they are, children love to paint. Empty the eggs using a sharp pin and then a cocktail stick to break the yolk, leave the shell to dry out, then decorate with brightly coloured paints.

8. Plant a seed and watch it grow. Beanstalks are great as they grow quickly. Read them Jack and the Beanstalk to let their imagination run wild.

9. Go check out Spring. Visit a local farm park with newborn lambs, or have a hunt around your garden/local park for blossom, daffodils, frogspawn, buds or birds. Pretend to be explorers and get your children to mark off the things they find on a checklist.

10. If your children are old enough send them to a half day holiday camp so that you get a few hours to yourself - even if it is just to catch up on things around the house!

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