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happylittlegems exercise fact of the day:

Children should be doing 60 minutes of exercise a day

Children over five should be doing at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise a day. At least three days a week, children should do vigorous aerobic activity, meaning it makes them breathe more heavily than normal.

happylittlegems top ten exercise ideas (lots are free!):

1. Go for a run around the garden/block/local park

2. Do a 'Cosmic Yoga' or 'Go Noodle' workout in the house

3. Go for a bike ride

4. Go to the local swimming pool

5. Find a local gymnastics club

6. Create a bodyweight workout at home - squats, star jumps, burpees, press ups, lunges

7. Learn to skip

8. Find your local Crossfit Kids class

9. Have a go at climbing or bouldering

10. Go to the park - climb, swing, jump

For more children's exercise advice please contact

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