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Children's natural ability to exercise can be passed on in the womb

Having continued to run and do yoga through my first pregnancy and having watched inspirational women doing Crossfit throughout their pregnancy, I have always been a big advocate for women keeping active during pregnancy (following professional advice of course). But now scientists have found evidence of exercise-related benefits that are passed on by mothers who exercise during pregnancy, or even prior to conception. Given that mothers are sharing their circulation with their unborn baby, all kinds of changes are passed on in terms of hormone levels or blood lipid levels, all of which affect the energy storage, oxygen capacity and muscle health of the child at birth. This also has an impact on their natural ability to exercise which will then go on to benefit them throughout life.

happylittlegems top tips for exercise during pregnancy:

  • Go out for a walk. Even if running or going to the gym aren't your thing why not get out in the fresh air and go for walk - even if it's only around the block! You'll get some much needed Vitamin D too.

  • Don't listen to all those people who tell you 'you should be putting your feet up'. Yes you shouldn't be overdoing it, but while you feel ok why not keep going.

  • If you normally play a certain sport ask your doctor or midwife if it's safe to continue or if you need to make any adaptations.

  • Whatever fitness programme you do tell your coach that you are pregnant and they can help adapt the class/movements for you.

  • If you are pregnant and want to start exercising more why not try yoga or swimming.

  • Sit ups and crunches are not advised after the first trimester.

  • Squats are great to do throughout your pregnancy and are an easy 'at-home' workout too.

  • There are some great pregnancy exercise DVDs out there, then you can do them from the comfort of your own home.

  • Remember to continue to eat a healthy, balanced diet and that you only need to eat 200 calories more per day in the last trimester.

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