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Children's internal body clock makes them early risers

Your child's circadian rhythm (their 24-hour internal body clock) is set to wake early in the morning. Unfortunately, this may not be in line with yours or when you want to be woken up! Like anything with sleep though you can help train them to stay asleep until a civilised time, whether this be 6.30am or 7am, or later if you're really lucky...

happylittlegems top tips to early morning wake-ups:

  • Decide a time as a family which is going to be 'getting up' time

  • Prior to this time if your child or baby* wakes up, settle them back into bed as if it were the middle of the night. If it's 6.30am and your 'get up' time is 7am, they probably won't sleep, but get them to try

  • Don't let them get up prior to 'get up' time (even to watch TV in bed) as this will give them stimulation that may become a habit and make the wake up time earlier

  • Don't give them breakfast prior to 'get up' time otherwise again it will become a habit

  • When it is 'get up' time, open the curtains and let light in as light in the morning is key to our circadian rhythm

  • Don't make bedtime later in the evening as this won't help them wake later in the morning, it will just reduce the time they sleep

  • Give your child a clock, Gro-Clocks are great for younger children, digital clocks are good once children recognise their numbers to 10

  • Stay strong - if early wake ups are a habit, decide you are going to devote a week (or more!) to changing this and do it

* Babies over 6 months old

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