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The power of love

In our busy lives as parents where we rush out the door in the morning to get to school and then work, rush home from work to school pick up, school to clubs, clubs to homework etc. etc. sometimes we need to remember to stop and ask our children how their day was, how they're feeling and stop for a moment and give them a hug.

happylittlegems tips to cherishing the important moments:

  • Love and affection builds children's confidence and self-esteem

  • A warm, attached relationship is important in preventing behavioural problems

  • Your relationship with your child is extremely important in developing their ability to have successful relationships as adults

  • Show your child you love them and you've missed them - first thing in the morning and after school or nursery are really important times

  • Ask them how their day was and listen to the things they've got to tell you

  • You may be desperate to know the results of their maths or spelling test, but don't make that the first question you ask

  • Remember if you listen to the small things while they're young they'll come to you with the big things when they're older

  • Eye contact is important, take time to listen

  • Research suggests children need eight touches a day in order for them to feel connected to you

  • Remember they're never too old for hugs and kisses. Older children may moan about you giving them a kiss in front of their friends but keep doing it, they still need to know you love them

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