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happylittlegems top ten resources for homeschooling

There are so many resources and activities out there at the moment, and crucially lots of them are currently free which is fantastic! But if it's all a bit overwhelming and you're unsure what's best happylittlegems is here to help. Here are my top ten resources and activities to see you through the next few weeks (or months!)

1. Maths - White Rose are doing some great home learning lessons which have a video tutorial and worksheet from Years 1-8. This resource is great as they can get on with it independently, so great for parents who are working from home.

2. Reading - Oxford Owl have a free e-book library and have a lot of the reading books that are used in schools. There's also lots of other English and Maths resources available on this website.

3. English - Twinkl has some great resources and is free to parents during school closures. Just pick something from the right year group and away you go!

4. PE - Hard to choose on this one, so I'm going to give you three! PE lessons with Joe Wicks are a great way to start your day as it gets you all up and moving, but Cosmic Yoga and Gonoodle are also great and can be done anytime during the day.

5. Science - The James Dyson Foundation have created some fun challenge cards for experiments you can try at home.

6. History - Dorling Kindersley has some fun and interactive activities on the DK Find Out website.

7. Geography - National Geographic Kids has quizzes and lots of other information about different topics. It also has child-friendly information about the Coronavirus.

8. Art - So many activities out there, Easter, Spring or rainbow themed. Just go to Pinterest and pick one dependent on the art resources that you have at home.

9. Music - The BBC has some great music ideas and lots are linked to stories and history topics.

10. Time Capsule - We are currently living through history so why not create a time capsule.

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