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happylittlegems wellbeing fact of the day:

Parents with two children are the happiest.

According to studies parents of two children are the happiest, however, other research suggests the more children you have the happier you are. So, if more children are supposed to make us happier why does it feel so scary to have another one on the way? And how do we cope with double or triple or quadruple the workload? Having two (or more) children under school age is eventful, exciting and very rewarding, but equally very tough, tedious and super tiring! But don't despair, if you're expecting number two or just entering the wonderful world of being a parent of two, happylittlegems has some handy tips to get you through this stage. Believe me this time really does fly past, although it doesn't feel like it when you're in it... the days (and nights) can be very long!

happylittlegems top tips to having multiple children under school age:

  • Routine is key. Try and get your children into a routine especially with sleep. Get them to nap at the same time and go to bed at a similar time.

  • Cook the same meals. When they're both eating solids serve these at the same time and cook everyone the same meal. You won't have time to cook different meals for everyone! Most dinners can be liquidised to feed to babies, just don't add salt.

  • Get help. Take up any offers of help. If grandparents or friends offer to have one or both of the children for a few hours say 'yes'. You can't do it on your own. Equally, ask your partner to help where possible.

  • Take time for yourself. Have at least a few hours a week where you do something for yourself without the children, where you remember who you are and have a bit of rest or relaxation (or just change). Believe me, these few hours will keep you sane through the week!

  • Get outside. When you're just about to become a quivering mess and you don't think you can take any more grab your coat and go for a walk or head to the local park. The fresh air and change of scene will do you all the world of good.

  • Get through one day at a time. Try not to become too overwhelmed by the tantrums and sleepless nights, this phase will soon pass and before you know they'll be off to school!

  • Find a friend. Find someone else who is in a similar position, then you have someone to talk to who understands what you're going through and can totally empathise. Even if it's through quick texts or 10 minute phone calls while the children nap they will become your lifeline.

Having multiple children close together is hard work, but life is never dull, and they will become very close and the best of friends... most of the time!

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