"Before working with happylittlegems our household was extremely sleep deprived. Our five year old was getting out of bed every night and looking to get in with us. This was putting a huge strain on our relationship with busy work lives. Thanks to Gemma we now have the confidence and knowledge to understand what is happening and how best to take control. We are over the moon that our child is now getting the sleep he needs for his physical and mental development and we can recoup and recharge for the next day."

Alex, Mum of two

"Early health issues led to bad sleeping habits which meant my daughter was unable to self-settle. As she is now 4 and was still waking frequently in the night needing a long routine and company to get back to sleep again, we were all exhausted. Gemma managed to resolve in one evening what had been a problem for years. Gemma really helped us to get through the change in routine and now we are able to spend a whole night in bed! Gemma was calm, confident and really was a godsend to us."

Hazel, Mum of two

“Gemma is calm, patient, experienced and a fantastic mother herself. She has given me excellent advice on managing some interesting toddler behaviour!”

Jess, Mum of two

"A very helpful consultation with Gemma about my daughter who suffers with toilet anxiety at school and out in public. She gave me lots of reassurance and new ideas to try which has been a life saver. Almost three weeks in with new techniques and support from school and she is like a different child. As well as this change she is also more confident attending swimming and gymnastics classes, so all round the support has helped her overcome many challenges. I would highly recommend happylittlegems. Thank you."

Kerry, Mum of 5 year old

"My son, for the majority of the time, was a happy 7 year old, interested in everything, funny and just a lovely boy who made me smile and feel proud to be his mummy. Every so often he would have episodes of being really angry, normally over mundane issues or requests such as, “Could you hold your fork like this?” or “Can you do your homework now?” I would refer to it as jekyll and hyde syndrome as he would be calm one minute and then really angry the next. He was never violent, but would say hurtful things and would not respond to any methods of persuasion or trying to coax him out of his temper and calm down. After one particular episode I decided that I needed to speak to a professional to try and determine if there was an underlying cause to his rage and more going on than just a 7 year old having a tantrum. I have a 9 year old daughter and she never reacted like her brother and it was getting that extreme that I was starting to think there may be a developmental issue. My son was also getting upset as he didn’t like getting angry and was starting to think it was out of his control. I had seen happylittlegems advertised on social media and decided to get in touch to see if they could help in any way. Gemma arranged to meet me in a quiet, neutral location and I left our meeting feeling very positive. She listened to everything I said and did not judge or criticise or make me feel like a bad parent. She has a very calming presence and I didn't feel uncomfortable telling her personal information about my son. Gemma brought an information sheet with her which she had devised and talked me through various aspects. From going through that and from what I had told her, the main problem focused on sleep and the fact my son was not getting enough. He has always been an early riser and never late going to bed in the week, but she recognised that he needed more sleep as lack of it was fuelling his anger. Gemma suggested various methods to help, some of which I had tried already, but the main point was consistency in using them. I spoke with my son after school about meeting Gemma and he cried with relief when he knew that the problem was down to a lack of sleep. This obviously made me very emotional to know that it had been such a weight on his mind. I discussed with him the ideas Gemma had recommended and started them immediately. Four weeks down the line and things have improved dramatically for the better. My son has embraced all of the strategies I have implemented and although we still have the occasional episode they are nowhere near as bad as they used to be. He has been sleeping better and not waking so early which had made him a happier individual. Gemma has contacted me weekly, checking how things are going and reinforcing my own behaviour and giving me advice. I can highly recommend using happylittlegems."

Mother of 7 year old


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